Statue, Thiruvananthapuram

When in Kerala, queue like Keralites do.

These people are actually queueing up to pay their taxes.

The sale of Indian-made foreign liquor, alcoholic beverages and wine are controlled by the state government. You have to queue up in 'Consumerfed' shops with the trademark Red and White walls to get your bottle. These shops are an essential part of Kerala state revenue (Most Indian states actually). It ensures that the prajas empty their pockets for the state at shops like these, daily.

This along with revenues from lottery is what keeps a state that has a large tax free income coming in from the Gulf states, going. So tax paying Indians, the men who work for daily wage that we believe are not taxed, do pay taxes, daily. Ask their family. Who actually think that drinking is the lesser evil. Gambling is considered the greater one, because like they say in the South - "At least the drink stays in the stomach". Not the money you gamble away.


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