Off NH17. Kolad

Rational Fear: Head-on collision caused by rash overtaking.

The story about yesterday's accident, not too far away from where this signboard was ignored, here.


‘Thalapakatti Naidu Ananda Vilas Biryani Hotel’V/s Thalapakattu Biryani and Fast Food' Case.

Biryani, India's most popular dish is actually an Iranian import. And since we Indians never agree on anything and each of us love to do it our own way, there are a thousand varieties of Biryani available across India.

Down South, people take their Biryani very, very seriously; be it Hyderabad, Bangalore, and especially in Chennai which contrary to what people in the vegetarian North and West think, love fish, chicken and meat.

There are many types of Biryani available in Chennai. From the Tamil lands, there's the Dindigul (thalapakattu) Biryani, Ambur Biryani (from Arcot and similar to Hyderabadi), Chettinad and Buhari (after a family-run restaurant). There could be more varieties but I have tasted just these.

When it comes to popularity and marketing, the Thalapakattu (turban) Biryani is Chennai's current battleground. The legend is that the man who started the restaurant wore a turban and people referred to the Biryani place by that name. And two groups claim that they are the original Thalapakattu Biryani.

The founder of the Dindigul-based 'Thalapakatti Naidu Ananda Vilas Biryani Hotel' definitely wore a turban and they have planted enough evidence in their restaurants dotting Chennai. However, this story is from a period when most Indians wore head-dresses, not just the Sikhs. The turban wearing Rawthers of Chennai were also selling a Thalapakattu Biryani in their restaurant.

The two fought it out in courts. The Madras High Court settled the case and directed the Chennai-based restaurant to brand its Biryani as ‘Chennai Rawther Thalapakattu Biryani’.

The turbans stayed on both heads. It seems that all Biryani makers wore turbans whatever their religion or caste and now it's time for their grandchildren with modern catering skills to cash in on the taste.

Today, the story is that many Thalapakattu and Thalapakatti biryani houses dot Chennai and it's become a generic name.

Muttukadu. East Coast Road (TN-SH49)

The New Chennai spreads and rises.

Thiruvalluvar Rd., Nessapakkam. Chennai

The many faces of Kamal Hasan.

Marina Beach, Chennai

Beach closed because of Cyclone Jal.

Sarangkheda, Nandurbar Dist. (MH)

"For Ladies" MSH 1.
A rare luxury for women on an Indian highway.

Singor. NH3

Singor. Your typical Indian Highway Stop.

Singor is a highway pitstop on the Dhule - Indore stretch of NH3. From here, one can exit towards Nandurbar town and district and on to Surat and South Gujarat on the 2- lane Maharashtra Major State Highway No 1. These are the things you will see if you stop here.

First Stop: Toilet For Men.
As for the women, Indian women should have developed enormous bladders by now.

Yum! Dhabba food. This restaurant was all vegetarian and the portion size, enormous. But that's by Mumbai standards where portions are like the flats and not like the average Mumbaikar's big fat ass.

The Chefs.

A drink for those who need it to add to the drunk driving statistics. It was closed on the day I was there because of Gandhi Jayanti.

Condoms Anytime. Why needs a slow death when you can drink and drive to death.

Mobile phone recharge.

Music and now videos for the road.

Recharged and ready for the next leg of the journey.

NH3 Nashik

Pit stop and good luck baby chappal

NH3, Nashik - Dhule

Yezdi, Rajdoot, Hero Honda


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