Khadiya/Raipur. Ahmedabad Old City

Night life in Ahmedabad Old City

Bodrani, Kutch

The Door That Faces Pakistan.

This is an old door in a lonely village bordering the salty desert called as Rann of Kutch. Across the road for many kilometers is a desert and your nearest neighbour in that direction is across the border in Sindh, Pakistan.

What makes this door special is that it still stands after the great Bhuj Earthquake. The villages here were almost completely destroyed and new homes have been built. However, the new homes are all concrete and tin boxes that served their purpose soon after the destruction.

However, the old and the new coexist in this little village. The post-earthquake ones have pointed tops. Now, Back to the doors

Looks like they ran out of paint here.

The most important commodity in this harsh landscape - water.

Apparently, the monsoons have been good ever since the Great Kutch earthquake. And now, the Narmada Canal is also set to reach Kutch. But it's not likely to reach this village which is on the edge of the Rann.

And finally, the residents of this village that is on the frontline every time India and Pakistan decide to fight a war using an excuse called Kashmir but mainly to fund the Swiss Bank accounts of their rulers.


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