Most autorikshaws in Bhuj town have this heart shaped rear window.

Abdasa Taluk, Kachch

Hair style of Kutch: Windswept.

The Kutch coast is windy. Right now, the monsoon winds sweep across the dry desert land. Without stopping. Taking away with it the rain clouds... scattering only a few drops that are not enough to quench the thirst of this parched earth. But it's good enough to generate power, many megawatts of it and to give the little girls this hairstyle.

And if you haven't noticed it. The Kutchis have the most wonderful smiles in the whole wide world.

MIDC Miraj. Sangli - Miraj Road


Typical Day in a Wedding Hall 5: Decorations


Dining hall - backdrop

Stage backdrop


Disposable dining table cover

MIDC Miraj. Sangli - Miraj Road

What's a wedding without naughty cousins?

While everybody throws grains of rice to bless the couple during the main ceremony, they showered noise, confetti and currency notes from the Kids Bank of India.

The ideal couple.

Typical Day in a Wedding Hall 4: A task for naughty cousins

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