NH47, MG Road Thiruvananthapuram

Crisp New Gandhi Notes. Sridevi's Old Nose.

Old style, offline lottery is big business in Kerala. On every major street, you will find old dilapidated Ambassadors, tricycles and corner shops with beedi smoking men selling tickets by the dozens. And you have men on Hercules cycles bringing lottery tickets to every Keralite doorstep. And they all have the same chant - Naale Aaan Nalle Aaan Nalle Aaan!(It's tomorrow!)

Along with alcohol, lottery forms a very important money collection tool for the state government (more on that soon). Lotteries from the North Eastern states are also allowed to operate and Kerala also contributes in a big way to the Gross National Happiness of Bhutan.

Shown above is a roadside, wholesale lottery shop near Trivandrum Central run by a Tamil businessman. The old, big nosed, Sridevi from the early 80s is his good luck. The Gandhi notes however are crisp and new Gandhi ones.


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