Korigad + Aamby Valley

View of the cottages in Aamby Valley from the top of the Fort.

Gated Community Vs. Fort

The almost 500-year-old Fort of Korigad near Lonavla, Maharashtra borders a modern version of a fort - the gated community called Aamby Valley built by the Sahara Group.

To enter the gated community, you need to either buy an expensive home in the vast development or stay at the luxurious resort within. And even then, you will be patted in, sniffed at by dogs, baggage x-rayed and put through the security exercise that happens in Mumbai's 5 star hotels.

Luckily the fort is now abandoned and you can just walk up the steep hill side from the Lonavla side and enter the fort through the large, open gate. Instead of the well-oiled guns down in the valley, you have rusting canons or tophs lying around to be examined.


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