Korigad (Fort)

The Korigad Fort as seen from Aamby Valley at night. It's steep wall of the fort lit up by powerful lights and looks majestic at night.

This is one of the two gates into the fort. As soon as the monsoon strikes, it changes colour to the bright, Sahayadri green. It's a 30 min., almost vertical climb up the stairs from the base.

Compared to the other Forts in the region, the Korigad is a dwarf. However, that's made up by the large plateau top with two ponds with a sizeable puddle in the middle in the height of summer. This barren looking place hides the foundations of buildings, ammunition dumps and the 6 canons that protected the Fort. Among the structures, only the perimeter walls survive. There are a couple of temples that have been rebuilt, but are ugly recent Indian concrete box structures.

One of the two temples. This one is dedicated to Shiva, I guess.

The biggest of the 6 canons of Korigad. This one has a name. It's known as the Laxmi Toph.

The small and nameless canons, rusting in peace.

And finally, something that will go back to dust, sooner that the canons.


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