RV Road, Bangalore

A message from another age, in another country, survives in Bangalore.

Shivajinagar, Bangalore

Snuff sellers.
They do exist.

SR: Trivandrum - Bangalore Express


Blue, night light. Upper Berth. Sleeper Class.

NH 4 (Bangalore-Pune Road Pit Stops)

Fresh and Local: Tender coconuts near Shamannur Cross, North of Davangere, Karnataka.

Fresh and local. 'Oos ka juice' south of Islampur Textile SEZ. (Oos - Sugarcane in Marathi)

Not so local: McD. Surmai from Cochin. Chicken from Pune (?). Lettuce from Ooty. Tomato and Aloo from Punjab. Buns from Navi Mumbai (?).

Also, In Maharashtra, McDs have one single board in Devanagari script. This one is in Kolhapur.

Opp. Sangam Theatre, Dharwad

Sree Laxmi Savji Khanavali.

In the South of Karnataka, they are called 'Mess', Kerala Mess, Andhra mess, Bangla Mess, North Karnataka mess, etc. But in Dharwad and Bombay-Karnatak, they are called Khanavali, like Khanavals of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Like the Mess and Khanavals, they provide cheap and often home-like food to migrants and students. People who don't have a kitchen at home. After all, Dharwad is a city where education is one of the major activities or business. It's home to the university, several colleges and students from all over India.

The Khanavali above serves a unique biryani. Its taste will take you to the city of Mahalakhsmi and hot spicy cuisine - Kolhapur which lies 3 hours to the north, across the border in Maharashtra.

SR: Kayamkulam Jn.

Travelling Salesman

Vashi, Thane Dist.

Gandhi Jayanti 2009. A procession to promote eye donation.


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