Indian Touristers.

Why do we travel? 

Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata

Royal, Kolkata. 
One of the best biryani I have eaten.

I want to be a cat that lounges there.

Dakshindhari Road, Kolkata

Ambassador: Tick
Sweets/Mishti: Tick 

Canal Street, Kolkata

On a trip to Kolkata, I was struck by the deep religiousness of the West Bengali in their personal lives. 

Madan Chatterjee Road, Kolkata

White collar 

Canal Street, Kolkata

Vivekananda as Arjuna? 

VIP Road, Kolkata

Hibiscus of Kolkata 

Hibiscus in a pattern on a cyclerickshaw seat.

Other patterns on the seats and streets. 


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