Gopuri, Wardha

The Gita 

The book carved on stone for words that travelled through time, twisting and turning as word of mouth in the one direction we know. What were the first string of words? Who knows how the words will be arranged in the final edition

In the picture above, a woman on her evening walk reads the Gita or Gitai, in Marathi, translated by Vinobha Bhave, carved on rocks, at the Gitai Mandir in Wardha. It was inaugurated in 1980 by Vinobha Bhave. In the background is the Vishwa Shanti Stupa or the World Peace Stupa. She was probably a first time visitor like my friend in the picture below. They seem to be the ones who read a page or two lines up around the park. The regulars come here for peace and quiet. They come here to meet friends, gossip, relax and to exercise.


Deolali + Thul Ghat (Kasara)

Deolali + Thul Ghat/Igatpuri - Kasara

Sahayadri Green

Shot with a mobile phone

Jawaharlal Road, Nathula

Indo-Tibet border.

Anjanwel. Guhgar

A house. 

Veleneshwar temple, Guhagar

A laterite west coast beauty, this well in the courtyard of the Velaneshwar temple. Above ground the temple has a thick bright coat of all weather paint fighting the heavy, salty breeze from the sea and the ferocity of the Konkan monsoon. On the ground and below it, the colour and surface a lot more breathe easy. 

Airport Road, Kolkata

Mosquito coil inside a taxi. 

Workplace + Home? 


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