Rameshwaram Fishing Harbour

Navigation system on an Indian trawler.

Rameshwaram Fishing Harbour

Palk Straits (India-Sri Lanka)

Jegathaipattanam Fishing Harbour, India. Wives see their husbands off as they go to fish in the Palk Straits.

In Tehelka, Rohini Mohan investigates why 72 Tamil Nadu fishermen have been shot by the Sri Lankan Navy in the past six months fishing in these waters. Yet they keep going back to the same strip of sea. The full story:

This poster of the fisherman who was killed by SL Navy fishing in their waters remind the fishermen and their family of the dangers of fishing in troubled waters. A job that they are forced to do because excessive trawling has converted the Indian waters into a desert.

Palk Straits (India-Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan fishermen have tattoos. Indians have wounds.

In Tehelka, Rohini Mohan investigates why 72 Tamil Nadu fishermen have been shot by the Sri Lankan Navy in the past six months. Yet they keep going back to the same strip of sea.

These are a few images of the fishermen from both sides of the shallow sea but that's only half the story. For the full story, you will have to read the Tehelka story.


Mandapam, Ramnad District, TN

Palk Strait Diary. A Communist Party Worker's Wall.

I happened to be in Mandapam, the Calais on the Palk Strait, on the Indian side, when me and the reporter I was with, were invited home for lunch by a local member of the CPI (M).

I guess that it's a common thing for a communist party member's wife to have a meal ready at any time of the day for the unexpected guests the man of the house will bring home. A complete lunch with rice, brinjal curry, rasam, scrambled eggs, home-made fryums, along with a packet of packaged curd (no longer an metro feature) and 1 Re sachet of pickles was ready even before we could exchange 'Vanakkam'. If there's a speed cooking competition, here's the sure winner.

Meanwhile, there was no questions about the political leanings of the owner of the house.

He works among fishermen on this corner of India bordering Sri Lanka. It's a very restless place. The civil war across the Palk Strait that lasted almost 3 decades, the current tension caused by Sri Lankan Navy shooting Indian fishermen, the politics of the Sethu Samudram project and the expected trade, when ferry service resume with Talaimannar keeps this place constantly on the boil.

For example, I asked who the man in the framed photograph (above) was, he said that it was his brother-in-law. When I asked him is he was important member of the Communist Party, he told me - no, he was a smuggler who was shot down in the straits. I had no words left to say.

The Communists had a strong National footprint in the last century and it continues to be remembered in this humble house with concrete flooring in the veranda and living room and just fine sand like in a fisherman's hut for the kitchen and inside room floors.

More on what he does and why I was here, soon. With pictures.

Raipur Gate, Ahmedabad

Patang Mise-en-scène: Last minute drying of the starched thread.

Khadiya, Ahmedabad

Patang Mise-en-scène: How cool is this spool.

Mandakini Ben told us that she's the "priest" of the temple. And while the city was busy flying kites, she was busy untangling this mess for the kids.

The gentle, slow way, she worked around the knots reminded me of Seema Biswas in the movie Patang. There's a scene where she is... No. I'm not telling you what she does. For that you will have to wait for the movie.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Patang. The poster is finally ready.

World Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Screening times:

Feb. 12 at 16:30
CineStar 8

Feb. 13 at 20:00
Cubix 9

Feb. 14 at 15:30
Cinemax X6 (Press)

Feb. 15 at 22:30

Feb. 17 at 13:45
CineStar 8

Raipur, Ahmedabad

Patang Mise-en-scène Series:

The movie Patang celebrates the joy of flying with your feet firmly on the ground. When the breeze changes direction and the kites zig zag high above the city sky, the threads that connect relationships between the different characters stretch, strain, and break free.

Raipur, Ahmedabad

Patang Mise-en-scène: Veteran Warriors of many kite battles 1

Note: Winding the Dori around the fingers as shown in the first picture is called "Latcha"


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