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Running hot water

Typical Day in a Wedding Hall 3: Bath Time

After a short rest with mosquitoes dancing around you, there's only one way for the army of relatives to look their best for the wedding. It's to have a nice hot bath.

The smart ones are up earlier than the rest and this one place where the Sangli-Mirajkars are faster than the Mumbaikars.

Mumbaikars are quick in Mumbai. But the minute we are out of our inverted beehive shaped city, we are slow. So we watched the locals decked up and ready, the energetic old aunties plastering turmeric on the groom and his family.

The symbolic crushing of turmeric.

Wonder what's the secret of her energy. Silk or gold?

Another aunty was singing aloud, the old songs hand written for the occassion.

Given the fact that nowadays, there are now 5 times more people above 60 in most families in South Western India than people below 20, the groom was napalmed with hands full of turmeric paste and neem leaves and 100% sanitized through traditional methods.

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