MIDC Miraj. Sangli - Miraj Road

Typical Day in a Wedding Hall 1

Air Instruments

There's no Indian Hindu wedding without an air instrument. It's break time for the band at a typical wedding hall, on the road that connects the industrial twin towns of Miraj-Sangli. The trumpet player took time off to try some complicated tunes that his clumsy instrument with as many tones as an elephants trunk would allow.

No one was listening.

We are deaf, we love jet engine background decibels and brass bands, shehnai and nadaswaram, however loud they are, is elevator music.

That hat is an original Indian design.

North or South. Shehnai or Nadaswaram. You find Bollywood playing Brass Bands everywhere.

And before the band takes over, the master himself on the PA speakers. Breathtaking, if you pause to listen.


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