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Typical Day in a Wedding Hall 2

Actually it must be a typical night in a wedding hall. Or the morning after. No one really sleeps on the night before a wedding and it's not just because of the mosquitoes singing naughty tunes, or cold breeze. It's just that it's Hum Apke Hain Kaun? time.

The extended families of the bride and the groom were staying under the same roof. They broke ice like a nuclear powered russian ice breaker in no time, playing Dumb Charade, Men and boys Vs. Women and girls. By dawn, they were all relatives. The bridegroom was running around all night doing little errands and making sure guests who keep trickling in at odd times found a corner to sleep or joined the game in progress. No one noticed or ignored the group of youngsters who quietly finished a few bottles of whiskey in the corner. One of whom you can see snoring away as the Turmeric Ceremony happens in the other side of the hall.

The bride had her own little room. Locked up with a few relatives and I assume, the jewelry.

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