Off Shubas Road, Dharwad

Dharwad Market.

Over the next few days I will be bringing you little things I noticed in the better half of a twin city called Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka's second most important urban area after Benglur. When I say that I noticed, it's strictly about the images. The things were mostly pointed out to me by a friend from school called Sam who is married to a Dharwarkar and who took me around the market when we went shopping for groceries. I spent an evening there with his wonderful family on my way to Mumbai from Benglur.

Today's pictures show the currency notes that the shopkeepers of Dharwad display at their counters. Many shopkeepers have a collection of international currency notes on display like in this chicken shop inside the vegetable market. The collector of currency notes and coins at this shop is the old man, Mian Shaik's son.


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