Line Bazaar, Dharwad

An old Thakur watches time go by at the Babusingh's Thakur sweet shop.

Don't Say Dharwad Peda. Please Say Thakur's Peda.

Dharwad's old market probably has the largest concentration of sweet shops than any other place in Karnataka. And they all sell Dharwad's signature sweet, the Dharwad Peda too.

It's a very competitive business - selling Dharwad Peda. And most shops sport the name - Misra Peda. Misras seem to have more branches than I could count and on every main and patli galli. However, the locals swear that the best Peda comes from Babusingh's Thakur original sweet store which is actually an old house called Thakur's Building, off Old Bazaar. There's a queue outside the store at all times and on some days, they ration the sweets and sell only 500 gms to each customer.

However, the Misras seem to be the more enterprising of the two families and are stealing all the eyeballs with branches not only in the twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad but in far away Benglur as well. However, the Thakurs are not giving up without a fight. A slogan on their sweet boxes have the following slogan - Don't Say 'Dharwad Peda', Please Say 'Thakur Peda'.


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