Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose International Airport

The Smoking Room at Kolkata Airport.

Kolkata's airport is named after Netaji. If he survived the air crash and is still alive, like some people liked to believe for a long time, he would come back and land in an airport named after him.

This airport, has a large smoking room. In fact, when you land here from places where there are restrictions for smokers almost everywhere, you will be surprised by the amount of tobacco smoked and paan chewed in the city. The reason for the room to stay is supposed to be because the earlier Chief Minister was a chain smoker and that this city is the home of ITC.  But I'm sure that when the new terminal comes up, it's unlikely to have a place for smokers.

Meanwhile, at the traffic signals, along with flowers, smokeless carcinogens with the brand name Tiranga seems to be the favourite among the ones that are sold.  


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