East Bengal Ground, Kolkata

East Bengal Club, Kolkata. 

A casual glance at Indian advertising in the past few months will reveal that cricket has reached a saturation point and football is the emerging hero.  But in Kolkata, in every ground and street, football is King.

These images are from the home ground of the East Bengal Football Club supported by Kingfisher. However, it's the football jerseys of International clubs and teams that people prefer to wear and show off. But you do get unofficial East Bengal jerseys. They cost Rs.90 each. I couldn't find jerseys of their arch rivals Mohun Bagan or India's oldest club Mohamaddan Sporting.

The fake international ones cost Rs 150 and above. That's half of what it costs in Bandra. The official Chelsea jersey costs about Rs. 3,300. 


Do women need to protect their....?


The beer of Bangalore supports this Bengal team but it's Bengal sweets that's the players seem to prefer during the practice session.

Sweet Bengal indeed.


The stands are open for public who want to watch their favourite team practice.

A foreign player with the club watches the proceedings.


Inside on what's on the clothesline and outside, the cars of the football club members reveal their support for Kolkata's favourite teams - Man U and Chelsea.

And next door, is a Club named The Aryan Club. With a name like that it's not surprising that it's for members only.



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