India Surf Festival 2012. Puri.

First of all. Yes! There are surfers in India.

Then, there are places where you can surf.

Puri is one such place.

Sanjay, is an old online friend of mine I've known for a very long time. And he has been forever telling me about his pet project a few kilometers north of Puri where he has a restaurant, a couple of rooms and 15 minutes away from the sands where the Turtles come to lay eggs: to surf.

This festival, which he is organising with the help of Orissa Tourism, is to bring as many surfers from across India and the world to Puri and surf.

It's not easy bring surfers to a place like Puri. They are a tribe which you and me do not understand. Yes, we have all seen the Old Spice ad and Point Break.

The India Surf Festival is therefore an experiment. The attempt is to get as many surfers together and create an atmosphere for them to interact. Discover the waves of Puri and promote the sport. And yes, this pilgrim town by the sea.

Surfer Velu from Pondicherry. And that cloth around his head carries his stuff

A surfer from Kovalam, Kerala.

This is going to be interesting....

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