Puri, Orissa

On the turtle beach.

Every morning, you can see a few turtles that are washed up on the shore these days. The bottle is probably from a tourist who had came here to party from a nearby resort.

No. Surfing has nothing to do with the turtles.

This time of the year, the turtles are slowly migrating south. And these are supposed to have lost their way and have been washed up the shore. But I do not know if that is the real reason.

It's our best friend, the dogs who clean up the beach along with our other companion, crows. The dogs are sniffing and scratching around the turtles to see if there are any eggs.

Meanwhile at the India Surf Festival, the surfing happens on the sandbar opposite the Lotus Resort. The events are on the resorts sands and there are no flex boards.

It's interesting to note that they are losing out on advertising because it's not easy to paint a logo or a board anymore. It's so much easier to flex.

Plastic is not allowed. And all signages, etc. are being made with wood and cotton cloth.

And finally a couple of images of the East Coast's favourite tree. And it's flowering season now. The forest (yes, this is from a protected forest) smells like a honeycomb.


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