Malegaon, Nashik

Inside the office of Jamiat Muslim Fund, Malegaon.

I had gone to the office of the Jamiat Muslim Fund in Malegaon along with the young Sai Manish of Tehelka to meet Noor-ul-huda. Noor, a labourer, was one of the accused who has been proved innocent by the court in the Malegaob Blasts case and is now out on bail. You can read his experiences in jail here.

Here are a few images from the Jamiat Office.

An old campaign from the 1950s.

A more recent campaign: Multi-nationals rule and Bush is their emperor. Also, note the change in language and script.

The library:
Local issues - powerlooms, politics, rights, etc.

A map of Maharashtra in Urdu.

Recently, Javed Akthar noted that Urdu books were not being allowed into a jail because the men at the gates did not know how to read the script and looked at anything in that script as suspect. That actually sums up a lot of things about India. The country with the largest population of illiterates and functional illiterates in the world. That's not a super-power trait.


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