Malegaon, Nashik

Malegaon Ka Cool Drink.

Malegaon Ka Super Heroes.

Malegaon Ka Ice Cream.

Malegaon Ka Generation next

Malegaon Ka Rozi Roti

Malegaon Ka Overload Auto

Malegaon Ka Boring Channel - PTV Home

Malegaon Ka Bar Man.

Malegaon Ka Now Running.

Malegaon Ka...

Malegaon is nothing like the city, media has created in the minds of Arnab's angry people. It's a city full of hard working people. It's a bustling city with Mumbai's energy but set in a far laid back part of the country. So it's no wonder that a whole city has been painted as a villain.

Like all places, it has its share of mischief mongers but it's a shame that this city where you will find a spirit that you will probably find only in Mumbai has been tainted. Like the mandatory villain in the skull cap that you find on most Marathi film posters, Malegaon has been painted as the villain but the truth is that these people are our silent, hard working heroes.

India. Aapko Malegaon ka Salaam.


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