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People of Kerala series: The death of "weekilies"

I'm an occasional visitor to Kerala and one thing that is missing these days is seeing people read. They do read newspapers but if I remember correctly, in the earlier days, you would've seen
more people reading something on the railway platform than this on a normal day. You will see magazines and newspapers neatly folded and tucked under or arms if you are male and around the umbrella if you are a woman.

Not as much, anymore.

But it's the disappearance of the weeklies with their serialised stories that's missing completely. Killed by the "serials" on television.

There was a time when women and men would catch up their weekly dose of Mangalam and Manorama on their way back to work or wherever. Now they just listen to music or sleep or grab a "Vanitha". The men continue to read newspapers and news magazines. The vendors selling books on trains have reduced too. They carry the local "flash" newspapers now and drawing and colouring books for kids.

The youngsters play with their mobile phones and exchange music and videos.

Yes, newspapers, tabloids and news magazines are read but while it has increased in other parts of India, in Kerala it seems to have come down. They have become addicted to passive FM and the visual medium.


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