Welcome to Gods' own country.

The Railway Station that caters to a Christian faith healing centre. The train that I took, the Netravati from Mumbai to Trivandrum Central stops here and the people who got off here were all from Goa. This place is very popular among Goans.

Not too far away from Divine Nagar, outside the International Arrival in Cochin International Airport where trolley loads of goods from the air conditioned souks of the Gulf arrive, Sri. Sri-Sri -Sri welcomes you with some divine blessings.


In Kerala newspapers are also targetted according to one's religion and ideology. Here's a man advertising the one that is allegedly read mostly by muslims. This is also at the International arrival.

The martyr Jesus of the communists. Kerala is the only place where only the communists use his face. The others will never be caught dead wearing a t-shirt with his face.

Across all beliefs, the most worshiped god of Kerala is Gold.

Lord of the black army on the windshield.

The hugging godwoman of Kerala welcomes you at the Kayankulam Station, the one closest to her ashram.

Kerala temples are popular among politicians who believe that stuffing the hundi and donating an elephant is acceptable tax for the money they steal from the people. This is a temple elephant in Guruvayur.


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