Raipur, Ahmedabad

Aakash, who stars in Prashant Bhargava's Patang (to be screened at Berlin Film Festival 2011)

Mise-en-scène Patang: The Shades

Prashant Bhargava's Patang is set around the Uttarayan festival. The characters and most of the actors are from this part of Ahmedabad. All of them are veterans of the intense battles in the sky, during the festival.

The battles in the skies of Ahmedabad between kite fliers can become as intense as the dog fights of fighter pilots. Staring at the sky, looking for killer strings and kites against the sun throughout the day can strain even an hawk-eye. That's one reason you need shades and the other reason is style. Because the whole city is going to be on the roof top and if you are the killer kite flier of the day, you better look like a hero. Like Aakash (above) who stars in the movie and like these boys shopping for the perfect pair of goggles.

Everyone here is a hero and the Ahmedabad man looks his best on his rooftop slashing the twine left, right and centre.


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