Raipur, Ahmedabad

Mise-en-scène Patang: All dressed up and ready to go to Berlin!

Patang is premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival in the 41st Berlinale Forum. Screening times: Feb. 12 at 16:30 CineStar 8. Feb. 13 at 20:00. Cubix 9. Feb. 15 at 22:30. Arsenal. Feb. 17 at 13:45 CineStar 8.

Meanwhile, here on Indian Road Romeo, the trip to the market continues as people select the best cowboy hats to battle the sun.

Face de guerre. When you cut someone's kite, it sometimes helps to be anonymous.

And finally Radha has a gift for all the cowboys on the roof and for the movie Patang, in Berlin! All the best.


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