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No more Peer-Fakir, Hindu-Muslim, jugalbandi-fusion in Sai Baba's hometown

Shirdi. It's all Hindu-Saffron,  all Sai Ram during Ram Navami.

In a hotel room

Maybe it was because it was Rama Navami. But no. The sheer number of Sai Baba devotees who are Hindu. Overwhelming but that was always the case. It is also the habits associated with pumlic display of group and personal devotion using saffron clothes and flags that amplify the Hinduness.

The love affair with flags and clothes in saffron. 

A few of the clothes on display.

And then there is superstition. But then it's a place where people believe in miracles.
The temple board runs a large hospital though that gives free treatment to the poor in this region of Maharashtra. Modern day miracle requires people and investment.

And then there is the colour of caste and caste identity in the clothes. 

This Telugu channel that promotes a godman and named after Sai Baba sells charms and has quiz of Hindu rituals and common superstition followed in that part of that country

And where there is a congregation, we will find politicians. The colour there too is saffron.

During Ram Navami, this group from Shirdi brought water from the river Ganga in Kashi (Varanasi/Benares) to Shirdi and were given a grand welcome.

Yes. There are a few symbols of Islamic colours or people of the Muslim faith in Shirdi. You will have to search for them. But there was this:

Sai or Jesus, same same.

And finally, something not saffron. What is this Maula?


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