Murud + Janjira

Maps on the wall of the Urdu Medium school of Tilak Road.

School walls of Murud-Janjira.

Murud (and Rajapuri) has an old world charm. Maybe it is because it hugs the coast and is separated from the rest of the district by a thickly wooded plateau. It was also a princely state ruled by the Siddhi kings before independence and maintains little bits of centuries of their history as a trading port looking out into the sea.

The town has many schools. They have the rundown charm of a disappearing age that can be seen in several places on this coast. It is only a matter of time before they will probably be replaced by modern concrete schools or new privately run ones. But for now they exist.

A few kilometers south of Murud is a small settlement of Rajapuri. It lives of tourism like Murud and has the jetty that takes people to the Janjira fort. The people who lived in the Janjira fort have been resettled here. This small town also has a few schools.


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