Sakhi Gopal, Orissa

Approaching Puri. 

The Puri Superfast I took some months back from Mumbai slows down to a passenger trains pace after Bhubaneshwar where most of the people on the train get off. Most of the remaining people on the train are pilgrims. This stretch also seems to be the stretch where people plan about where to stay in Puri. Touts go from coach to coach with leaflets and rates and there was this middle aged couple who was in the same compartment with me who were supposed to get off at Sambhalpur but stayed on to go all the way to Puri for a day's sightseeing who took the advice of the tout in the photo. They were going for a conference there and were colleagues. I'm calling them Sakhi and Gopal after the station I passed just before I took this photo.

While it is the big eyed Lord Jagganath that they all come to see, it also has a beach. And a hundred hotels to choose from.


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