NH47, Kayankulam

KPAC - The Kerala People Arts Club. Part 1

It is not easy to run a drama troupe in India. Their days have come and most probably gone. In Kerala, the iconic KPAC still survives. It was started as an art club and they have stayed true to their name. Drama is what KPAC became synonymous with but along with drama, they continue to run art classes. They stand on their own two feet.

Standing in the KPAC office and watching the troupe practice their next play, you get a feeling of being in the past. The world seems to have moved on while this group of people hold on to the nostalgia, methods and style of an age that probably does not resonate with the taste of the present or future. The art classes on offer provide what seems to be the things the new generation will like but is it what they actually want?

The KPAC office stands like an island along the busy NH47 highway connecting two of Kerala's biggest cities. The cities where the entertainment and messages of the new Kerala is manufactured by a generation that looks outside the state for inspiration. It is hard to believe that 5 decades back, revolution could start and the freshest movements of the time could come from a minuscule town in the middle of the paddy fields and backwaters.

Over the next few posts, I will show you images from the KPAC office in Kayankulam, Kerala.


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