Pingleswar, Abdassa Tq., Kutch

Jayanti, Sulaiman, Velji, Jitendra, Md. Rafiq, Chandrasinh

The Barefoot Geologists of Kutch.

In the driest taluk, in the driest district of Gujarat, this small group of ordinary people have come together to make all the villages drought-proof.

Armed with geological maps including some that were made by ONGC in the 60s and 70s to hunt for oil, these Barefoot Geologists of Kutch studied the geological ground reality of each and every village. Then, they divert the little rain water that falls, in this forgotten corner of the country, to rocks and soils that are capable of storing water.

Using basic geology skills, these ordinary heroes have made it possible to give themselves precious drinking water even if the rains fail for over a year.

Who trained them? How do they fund their work? Over the next few posts, Indian Road Romeo will be showing you their work and yes, salute the people of Kutch who truly understand the value of water.

Their motto: Water becomes you.

Meet the Barefoot Geologists.


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