Jegathaipatanam Harbour, Pudukottai

Naam Thamilar (We are Tamil)

The danger about us not having a political will to support sustainable fishing methods in the Palk Strait is the rise of hate-mongers. Firstly, the only reason we are reporting the incidents is because of the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu and the fisher-folks are a big vote bank.

Secondly, the debate is all about Sri Lankan Navy shooting and torturing Indian Fishermen and not about why Indian Fishermen are forced to go fish in dangerous waters in the first place.

But an alternative sustainable method of fishing is not easy to float. Any change in the current fishing methods would mean that a lot of fishermen are going to lose their livelihood. But if they don't...

Feeling angry is easy.

See the full series: Fishermen of Tamil Nadu.

The full pictures: Rohini Mohan for Tehelka.


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