Singor. NH3

Singor. Your typical Indian Highway Stop.

Singor is a highway pitstop on the Dhule - Indore stretch of NH3. From here, one can exit towards Nandurbar town and district and on to Surat and South Gujarat on the 2- lane Maharashtra Major State Highway No 1. These are the things you will see if you stop here.

First Stop: Toilet For Men.
As for the women, Indian women should have developed enormous bladders by now.

Yum! Dhabba food. This restaurant was all vegetarian and the portion size, enormous. But that's by Mumbai standards where portions are like the flats and not like the average Mumbaikar's big fat ass.

The Chefs.

A drink for those who need it to add to the drunk driving statistics. It was closed on the day I was there because of Gandhi Jayanti.

Condoms Anytime. Why needs a slow death when you can drink and drive to death.

Mobile phone recharge.

Music and now videos for the road.

Recharged and ready for the next leg of the journey.


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