Indian Tourister: Daman

The most bizarre group of Indian tourists I have seen are the men from the dry state of Gujarat who come to Daman to drink on weekends in groups.

I am talking of the ones who drink in the hotels along the beach on weekends listening to a live band. Every hotel in Daman has a live band playing on weekends. They begin the show with a couple of bhajan as the men pour their drinks, usually a Sai Baba Bhajan. Strong beer, adulterated IMFL and men gulping drinks to the slow Bhajan. The tables quickly fill up with groups of men in their 30s and 40s from Surat and other parts of South Gujarat. Some are groups of families from Vapi, next door.

After the initial song dedicated to religion, the songs the men like start. We expected the latest bollywood item songs but we were in for a surprise. The only songs that fly here are sad love songs from the 80s and 70s. The men try to outdo each other by requesting songs that are even more depressing than the other. This goes on for the whole evening until everyone is piss drunk and has remembered and relived every single moment of their failed love in the younger days. The families from Vapi then collect their children and leave.

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